Web Atoms - Lightweight JavaScript Framework

Lightweight JavaScript framework with MVU Pattern with Data Binding in JSX

Web Atoms was built around 2012, for years we have made numerous improvements. Pages and components are written with help of JSX syntax, however, Web Atoms is independent framework with no dependency on react or preact. Current release supports,

  • Data Binding, simple arrow functions to bind the UI elements
  • Styled Support
  • AtomRepeater - Lightweight List Control to manage list of items
  • Chips control
  • Dual View support (Mobile and Desktop)
  • Smallest syntax
  • Faster rendering
  • Simple Data Validations
  • RetroFit inspired REST API Support
  • No additional build configurations
  • Event re routing, it helps in reducing number of event listeners on page.
  • UMD and SystemJS Module Loader
  • Packer, to pack all JavaScript in single module along with dynamic module loader support


Web Atoms supports JSX Class Components and Functional Components.

Binding Demo

This app demonstrates almost all features of Web Atomshttps://github.com/web-atoms-samples/bindingWe recommed opening this example in stackblitz to instantly see preview.

Web Atoms
Dependency Injection
Styled Css
Event Re-Routing
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