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Major Version 1.6.239 Update with New Platforms

Major Version 1.6.239 Update

New Platforms

We have added following new platform support.

  1. UWP - Universal Windows Platform
  2. MacOS
  3. Tizen - * Community Support
  4. GTK - * Community Support
  • Xamarin does not support these platforms officially, however we will try to support as much as we can provided bug/update is part of Web Atoms framework.

A New JavaScript Engine

We have written a new JavaScript Engine YantraJS specifically for Web Atoms, this engine is written in C#, so it can run anywhere wherever C# is supported, except iOS as it does not allow loading dynamic types.

New Controls

  1. AtomButtonBar - a native button bar
  2. AtomCalendar - Calendar control to host date items
  3. AtomDateField - A selectable date field built on top of AtomCalendar, native calendar is difficult to navigate, changing year requires many taps on android, but AtomCalendar provides nice drop down for easy change.
  4. AtomChoiceView - A simple dropdown with ability to search and choose
  5. AtomChips - multiple list items, editable, searchable

Console Debugging Hints

  1. bridge.root, while in debugger console, you can type bridge.root to inspect UI hierarchy
  2. You can also use bridge.root in safari developer tools (Requires Mac)

A new code Generator

We have released source code for TypeScript definition generator from dll, which you can use to generate source code of your custom UI Elements.

GitHub - TypeScript Definition Generator Link

UWP Sample

We have added UWP sample in xf-samples repository,


We have added AtomPopup class which lets you create easy popups attached to any element. (Requires Grid in root of Page). You have to set PopupTemplate and DisplayPopup attached properties. Popup will be created and displayed as long as DisplayPopup is set to true.


Creating bound functions in iOS are tricky, earlier every function was bound by default and extending C# class to JavaScript was slower. This was improved by introduction of IJSContext.CreateBoundFunction method, in which a delegate receives this parameter. In iOS, this function requires two steps, so you should use IJSContext.CreateFunction for faster execution. On other platforms it does not matter which one do you use.

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17 Mar 2021
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