WebAtoms PopupWindowThis article will cover the popup window in WebAtomshttpswwwwebatomsin Today we will Read More...
BY Shubham Khare19 May 2022
Regular Expressions (Regex)
What are Regular ExpressionsIn this article we are about to learn about programming fundamental Regular Read More...
BY Shubham Khare15 Apr 2022
SQL Index Not Utilized on Conditional Filter and DatePart
Ever wondered why sql will not use the index and still perform very slow Here are few points where the queries Read More...
BY Akash Kava26 Sep 2021
Schema Migration: Entity Framework Core
NEThttpsgithubcomneurospeechefcoreautomaticmigrationactionsworkflowsmainymlbadgesvghttpsgithubcomneurospeechef
BY Akash Kava7 Sep 2021
Developer Guide: Async Tips
JavaScriptTypeScript Async Programming Tips Please feel free to add more tips Do not create async if only Read More...
BY Akash Kava27 Aug 2021
JavaScript/TypeScript Development Guidelines
Coding Guidelines Use module pattern whenever possible But do you know the reason why Let me explain it to Read More...
BY Simmi Kava26 Aug 2021
Drawbacks of Compiled Languages
Compiled languages like C C Java C and many others claimed for faster performance stayed behind in popularity Read More...
BY Akash Kava23 Aug 2021
JS: hasOwnProperty vs Truthy vs in
JavaScript hasOwnProperty vs Truthy vs inIn JavaScript we often check if property exists or not on the object Read More...
BY Akash Kava5 Aug 2021
WebAtoms: Load Decorator & Debouncing
What are FunctionMethod DecoratorsFunction decorators allow us to add extra feature to your existing function Read More...
BY Simmi Kava4 Aug 2021
JavaScript: CURRYING
What is currying in JS Currying is a process of evaluating a function with multiple arguments and turning it Read More...
BY Simmi Kava2 Aug 2021
JavaScript: Temporal Dead Zone (TDZ)
What is Temporal Dead Zone TDZ TDZ is a term to describe the state of variables where they are not accessible Read More...
BY Simmi Kava27 Jul 2021
Templated Query for TypeScript
Tagged Templates and Template Query What are Tagged Templates Advanced form of Template Literals Parse Read More...
BY Simmi Kava26 Jul 2021
Blocking IP Address Using ETERNITY Framework
How can we block an IP Address using ETERNITY Workflow Framework What is Eternity Workflow Framework Read More...
BY Akash Kava20 Jul 2021
Embed V8 JavaScript Engine in Xamarin.Android
Isnt there any existing JavaScript engine for XamarinAndroid Well there is LiquidCore project which has Java Read More...
BY Akash Kava16 Jul 2021
What and When To Unit Test?
Unit Testing I have seen many posts about justifying why and why not to unit test but most posts only talk Read More...
BY Akash Kava14 Jul 2021
CSS: place-items
What is a placeitems The CSS placeitems shorthand property allows you to align items along both the block and Read More...
BY Ajay Singh8 Jul 2021
Why JS Array Methods support array-like objects?
JavaScript Arraylike Objects What is an arraylike object When any object look and behave like arrays on the Read More...
BY Simmi Kava5 Jul 2021
BY Simmi Kava1 Jul 2021
JavaScript: break in labeled blocks
BREAK Statement in labeled blocks We have used break statement in while loop for loop and switch statements Read More...
BY Simmi Kava28 Jun 2021
JavaScript: Property Shadowing & Enumeration
Property Shadowing Enumeration What is PrototypeJavaScript objects inherits features methods and properties Read More...
BY Simmi Kava21 Jun 2021
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Web Atoms: JSX (TSX + TypeScript) for Xamarin.Forms, Hot Reload Your App in Production Environment

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