Master-Detail View
WebAtoms is an advanced MVVM framework for writing crossplatform applications in HTML and XamarinFormsA master Read More...
BY srikanth.naidu24 Oct 2021
Version update 1.6.297
Following improvements are shipped in this update Improvements Calling V Method Speed ImprovementWe have Read More...
BY Akash Kava20 Oct 2021
Introducing new JavaScript Engine YantraJS for DotNet
We are happy to announce a brand new Open Source JavaScript engine completely written in C for NET Managed Read More...
BY Akash Kava19 Oct 2021
Difference between `instanceOf Array` and `Array.isArray`
There are two major differences between instanceOf Array and ArrayisArray Cross Context ObjectIn browser when Read More...
BY Akash Kava18 Oct 2021
What is CODE to me?
CREATE Create to inspire it is all about connecting the missing dotsOPTIMIZE Optimize to leverage the Read More...
BY Simmi Kava11 Oct 2021
Let's start FRESH!
Its Time For Positive ChangeMindset and Attitude defines you Learn from your failures and embrace your Read More...
BY Simmi Kava7 Oct 2021
Version Update 1.6.269
This version update includes following changes Improvements Performance of AtomChoiceViews scroll to selection Read More...
BY Akash Kava3 Oct 2021
WebAtoms -SwipeView
What is WebAtoms XFSwipeViewThis control is a container control that contains the items for swipe gestures Read More...
BY Ajay Singh3 Oct 2021
BY Simmi Kava29 Sep 2021
WebAtoms: WA.AtomCheckBoxList Control
Before proceeding to the WAAtomCheckBoxtList user interface control lets first understand the simple Read More...
BY Ajay Singh27 Sep 2021
SQL Index Not Utilized on Conditional Filter and DatePart
Ever wondered why sql will not use the index and still perform very slow Here are few points where the queries Read More...
BY Akash Kava26 Sep 2021
Version update 1.6.262
New version contains following fixes Improvements HorizontalLayout attached property added in AtomPopup in Read More...
BY Akash Kava22 Sep 2021
Product Quality is your responsibility!
Deliver quality product make it your habitSeamless functioning of your end product is essential for any Read More...
BY Simmi Kava21 Sep 2021
Version update 1.6.249
In this version update we have made following improvements Improvements Weak Reference removed from iOS we had Read More...
BY Akash Kava19 Sep 2021
Getting Started with WebAtoms XF.CarouselView
In this blog I am going to implement a Gallery of photos with a title and description using WebAtoms Read More...
BY Ajay Singh16 Sep 2021
WebAtoms: AtomChips Control
What are Chips Chips are material design dynamic elements which can be used as input or to select and filter Read More...
BY Simmi Kava15 Sep 2021
Minor Version 1.6.246 Update
We are happy to announce following new features in this release Version Method Overloads AddedMethod Read More...
BY Akash Kava12 Sep 2021
Getting started with WebAtoms XFListView.
This section provides a quick overview of WebAtoms XFListView user interface control for Xamarin Forms Create Read More...
BY Ajay Singh10 Sep 2021
Major Version 1.6.239 Update with New Platforms
Major Version Update New PlatformsWe have added following new platform support UWP Universal Windows Read More...
BY Akash Kava9 Sep 2021
Schema Migration: Entity Framework Core
NEThttpsgithubcomneurospeechefcoreautomaticmigrationactionsworkflowsmainymlbadgesvghttpsgithubcomneurospeechef
BY Akash Kava7 Sep 2021
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Web Atoms: JSX (TSX + TypeScript) for Xamarin.Forms, Hot Reload Your App in Production Environment

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